BTRA works with Partners Premier Diagnostics to reduce emissions

With the first Test Sessions and Thrilling Racing from Rounds 1 to 4 of the 2019 season complete we have started to establish some background data on a few of the Division 2 trucks. With some promising results.

During Friday testing we worked with 16 Brad Smith and 6 John Powell where we were going to run Standard Diesel, Standard Diesel with Lucas Oils Diesel Deep Clean alongside their Diesel Fuel Treatment and Top End Lubricant. Finally the trucks changed over to Certas Energy GTL alternative fuel whilst still running the Lucas Additives.

Frustratingly things didn’t quite go to plan during Friday with trucks out of position in the Pit Lane and one session cut very short due to a vehicle being recovered after an off track excursion. Which limited the number of tests we completed and we have had to rely on some Pre-Season Data we collected. The tests were carried out using the, DVSA approved, Premier Diagnostics DS2-2M Smoke Meter. With the results recorded as K(1/m) which is the recognised metric when smoke testing road vehicles for MOT purposes. We have indicated the Pre 2008 Turbo Charged Diesel Smoke Limit that Road Vehicles are subject to. However this is strictly for reference / comparison and we must stress we are not applying a Pass / Fail limit.

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