New Partnership with Premier Diagnostics

Premier Diagnostics Forge Technical Partnership with the BTRA.

With ever increasing awareness on how air quality affects the health of all of us both long and short term. Along with growing pressure for all of us to take responsibility on how our actions directly affect the environment we live and work in. The British Truck Racing Association has forged a technical partnership with Premier Diagnostics, the UK’s Leading Manufacturer of Emissions Testing Equipment, to better understand the impact Truck Racing has on all of us.

Premier Diagnostics have committed to attend four rounds of the 2019 season with various products from their current line up to help the BTRA and the MSA understand the current impact the sports emissions has on the environment. Which will then allow staged improvements to be made during this and future seasons to ensure the long term sustainability of the sport.

This season we will be carrying out smoke testing, with the Premier Diagnostics DS2-2M Smoke Meter, working with various teams using standard diesel fuel to obtain some base line data. Then, over coming events, carryout subsequent testing whilst introducing variables such as fuel system cleaners, fuel additives and alternative fuel types.

We will produce further bulletins as the season progresses keeping you up to date on the work we are doing and how the project evolves.

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