Statement Following Brands Hatch

In light of recent reports on various team social media platforms the BTRA would like to issue the following statement on 27/04/2019

Re Brands Hatch Opening Rounds of MV Commercial BTRA Championship

The onus is on the driver to adhere to the rules laid out for all UK Motorsport and to conduct themselves in and out of the race trucks in a manner that is acceptable to a family audience. Bullying and threatening behaviour toward officials & other drivers will not be tolerated in the MV Commercial BTRA Championship going forward.

In the last race one of the drivers was given a penalty for contact upon another. A small number of drivers feel this penalty should have been greater and are now intending to boycott the next rounds at Pembrey. We would like to point out that the BTRA do not influence any decisions taken by the Clerk of the Course or the penalties issued, which are all clearly laid out in the Motorsport UK yearbook. Truck Racing is officially a “ NON CONTACT SPORT “ with the BTRA supporting that fact.

We are however responsible for our drivers actions both on and off the track with the BTRA having to answer to Motorsport UK if required, as these drivers are our ambassadors at all times wherever they are, so this will need to be addressed. Each driver is also fully responsible for the conduct of their team personnel whether these personnel are members of the BTRA or not at each event.

We will run as many trucks that enter for Pembrey even if it means only one group of mixed Div 1 & 2 Trucks to give our fans the racing they enjoy and deserve. A minority cannot be allowed to spoil it for the majority who DO support their championship throughout the season.

For clarification purposes the Donington event (Aug 10/11) is a round of the MV Commercial BTRA Championship with the truck racing organised by the BTRA and BARC as normal. For further info on this contact or

Kind Regards

Steve Horne – BTRA Chairman

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