Truck Racing set for a 2020 Reboot !

British Truck Racing will descend on it’s spiritual home of Donington Park on the 22nd – 23rd of August.

A 2020 first met with a gasp of relief, as these inaugural races come incredibly anticipated by fans and teams.
We can now rejoin the rest of the motorsport world in getting back to business in some form albeit maybe tweaked and different to what we’re used to.

These unusual circumstances and challenges we’ve all faced this year, together have actually played into the hands of the teams !

It has allowed competitors across both Divisions of the Championship, excess time in which to prepare and modify their Truck’s.
To an even greater standard of readiness than a typical winter off-season allows.

There will be new Trucks and even new Powerplants in the behemoth race vehicles joining this late starting season.
And this should be reflected into some truly entertaining battles out on track back where we belong.

Things may have been looking bleak from the outset of this year, with respect to the climate card dealt.

But one thing is for certain this Championship will return with more colour, spirit and action than ever before.

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